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    Reliable supplier of engineering products in Illawarra

    Specialised equipment

    If you work in a specialised area of industry and need certain products with detailed handling, we have the right fasteners and engineering tools for you. Our professional staff have a combined total of over 64 years in the fastener industry and there is nothing that we haven’t come across. For all kinds of fasteners, just give our friendly team a call and we can offer expert help, authoritative advice, and cost-effective solutions.

    Special service

    Our team of fastener experts are committed to supporting your business with exceptional customer service. From help on choosing the right fasteners for your specific application, to prompt turnaround and great prices, we are ready to supply you with the nuts and bolts needed to get your project moving. With regular maintenance of your workshop equipment, you can prevent downtime and increase production, and we have all the parts and products you need to ensure improved performance, efficiency, and safety. 
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    Our products
    At Illawarra Fasteners Pty Ltd, we stock a comprehensive range of fasteners,
    engineering tools and workshop equipment. We specialise in,

    • Metric and imperial high tensile fasteners
    • Stainless steel fasteners
    • Low tensile fasteners, including hex head bolts, cup head bolts and coach screws
    • Threaded rod
    • Nuts (all types, including locking nuts)
    • Small fasteners, including metal threads and self-tappers
    • Washers (all types)
    • Socket fasteners
    • Structural assemblies
    • Pop rivets
    • Eye bolts
    • U-bolts and J-bolts
    • Purlin bolts and nuts
    • Dowel, cotter, and spring pins
    • Masonry anchors
    • Drop-in anchors
    • Chemical anchors
    • Screw anchors
    • Hollow wall anchors
    • Chemical injection
    • Chemical studbolts
    • Through bolts
    • Nylon anchors and plugs
    • Self-drilling screws
    • Silicones, sealants, and grouts
    • Threaded rod
    • Turnbuckles and rigging screws
    • Spring and snap hooks
    • Balustrade fittings
    • Cutting, drilling and threading tools
    • Hand tools
    • Lubricants and cutting fluids
    • Protective coatings and paints
    • PFERD cutting and grinding disc
    illawarra fasteners collection of all the nuts and bolts of our products

    For all industrial fasteners and engineering products,
    call the expert team at Illawarra Fasteners Pty Ltd today on  02 4272 7113 .

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